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Wisconsin Lions
District Governors/WLF and Eye Bank Directors

District Governor Lions Year WLF Director 1 WLF Director 2 WLF Director 3
Howard Heimke 1967-68 Herb Schneider George Welch Austin Smith 
Vern Ruhl 1968-69     (resigned)
Herbert Schneider 1969-70   William Farnum Steen Heimke (appointed)
Donald Leverentz 1970-71      
Everett Lee 1971-72 Howard Heimke   Steen Heimke
Ray Kaufung                    CR 1972-73      
Max Harrington 1973-74   John Newbury  
Donald Kringle 1974-75 (President 74-75)   Don Leverntz
Donald Mattison 1975-76      
John Schneider, Jr. 1976-77     (resigned)
Clem Schoenborn, Jr. 1977-78 Max Harrington   Don Mattison (Died)
Clarence Weller 1978-79     Glen Reiss
Orvin Doede 1979-80   John Schneider Third Director no longer
Glenn Murty 1980-81     authorized by constitution.
Fred Holtz                        CR 1981-82      
Vernon Pautz                   CR 1982-83      
Milton Wood 1983-84 Orv Doede    
Eugene Norberg 1984-85   Vernon Pautz  
Thomas Koch 1985-86      
Dennis Kitchen                CR 1986-87      
Dwaine Habrat 1987-88      
Paul Tadych 1988-89   Milt Wood  
Thomas Thorson 1989-90 Herb Schneider    
Victor Voigt 1990-91      
Robert Showers              CR 1991-92      
Gordon Hoffman 1992-93 (President 92-93) Tom Thorson (resigned for State Secretary)  
Kenneth Rohde 1993-94   Bob Showers (appointed)  
Clayton Sengbusch 1994-95   Jim Roberts (elected to complete term)  
David Petrie 1995-96 Paul Tadych    
John Damrow 1996-97     Eye Bank Directors
Patrick Champeau 1997-98   Jim Roberts  
Deloran Peterson            CR 1998-99     Paul Tadych
Thomas Clausen 1999-00      
Steve Groene                  CR 2000-01      
Orville Kittel 2001-02 Ken Wallander   Orv Doede 2000-2006
Edward Filemyr 2002-03     (President 02-03)
Tom King 2003-04   Dave Wood Steve Groene 2001-2007
Richard Christianson 2004-05     (President 04-05)
Gary Colton 2005-06      
Kenneth Wallander     CR 2006-07      
Vernon Pautz              CR 2007-08 Tom Clausen    
Gary Bilke 2008-09 (President 08-09) Steve Pautz Tom King 2006-2012
Leonard Quinn 2009-10      
Gerald Post                 CR 2010-11      
Merle Strelow  2011-12    Irv Korth (President 11-12)
Meg Post                     CR  2012-13       
Dawn Christensen  2013-14  Fred Gebhart    
Gary Silah  2014-15    Tom King Phil Weber
Marv Henke  2015-16       
Tom Berendes  2016-17    Wendy Hartmann  
Fred Gebhart  2017-18     
David Lee  2018-19  Tom Berendes  
  2019-20   Charles Keifenheim
CR = Council Rep. to WLF      
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